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What is corporate housing?

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Learn about Corporate Housing. Get to know what it means, its benefits, the difference on regular rentals and how to take advantage from this services.

Corporate Housing is known by many different names like serviced apartments, temporary housing, furnished condos and more.

The Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA) provides the following definition: “A furnished residential apartment, condominium or house available for rent or let on a temporary basis, primarily for 30 days or more. Usually located within residential communities and includes all furnishings, kitchens, private bath, housewares, electronics, and utilities”.

So what does that mean and does it have benefits in comparison to a hotel? In simple terms, corporate housing is a home (condo, townhouse or single family home) that can be rented for 30 days or more and includes all furnishings, appliances, housewares, and utilities. The CHPA has demonstrated that Corporate Housing is “more cost-effective” compared to an extended stay in a hotel. A corporate rental offers more space and conveniences for a smaller price tag.

This type of rental is not only for companies accommodating employers, it is also offered directly to guests who are relocating, in-between homes, or displaced. Here are some examples of our client’s:

  • Business travelers

  • Extended stay visitors

  • Relocating homeowners

  • Displaced Families

  • Short-term Job Assignment Employees

  • Government Employees

  • Bank Employees

  • Mall & Retail Store Managers

  • Health Care Workers

  • Traveling Nurses

  • International Travelers

  • Consultants

  • Military Personnel

  • Doctors

  • Attorneys

  • Sales Reps

  • Consulting Agencies

  • National Corporate Housing Companies

Corporate Housing is an alternative for guests who want a convenient transition into a home that is already furnished and set up for your stay. When you rent one of Orlando City Corporate Housing rentals you can expect to find a beautifully fully furnished unit, fully equipped with towels, sheets, and kitchenware. All utilities set up, including cable and internet and all of this at one simple price. All-inclusive pricing means less to worry about and more time to settle in and explore what Orlando has to offer.


Want to explore some corporate housing options in Orlando, Florida? Orlando City Corporate Housing has housing specialists waiting to assist you with any questions you may have! Just fill out the contact form on our website and we will email you our housing availability. If you prefer, we are also available by phone at: 321-426-0441.


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